About us

This blog is a product of individual initiative, a creative idea of a virtual learning space for people interested in architecture in general and architecture of Azerbaijan in particular.

For hundreds of years people of the Land of Fire having constricting and building. And like in other countries, architecture is “monumented history”… Stone upon stone upon stone…

From temples of the fire worshippers to the early Christian monasteries of the Caucasian Albania, from the Shirvanshahs’ mosques to the palaces of oil tycoons of the early 20th century – all that is Azerbaijani architecture. But not only that…

As the author of the blog and your kind guide to the Azerbaijani architecture I welcome you all and wish nice and pleasurable time here!

Leyla Aliyeva
Architectural designer


1 thought on “About us”

  1. Mentre llocs com l’Estat espanyol s’enfonsen econòmicament de manera ineluctable, el ressorgiment de nacions fins fa pocs anys oprimides, com ara l’Azerbaijan, es fa patent en projectes capdavanters en el terreny del turisme sostenible com aquest de l’Illa de Zira, al cor del mar Caspi, a poques milles de Baku i avui encara deshabitada. No tot planeta pateix la problemàtica del món occidental, queda molt clar. Enhorabona!

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